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Monday, March 17, 2014

Video Tribute to Bob Casale & Alan Myers

Video Tribute to Bob Casale & Alan Myers

We understand some of you are eager to see our film — we feel the same way, and are working hard to make it happen. We consider you all to be a huge part of our team, and appreciate your support and patience for the project. Independent filmmaking is a slow process, and the director and I are constantly being reminded of this as we move forward (i.e. finding further funding, cutting-down the film from almost 3 hours to a distributable length, and getting "guest" editors to work with us).

The unexpected deaths of both Alan Myers and Bob Casale have further slowed progress, as has the recent concert tour. We'd like to create a tribute to Alan and Bob. Should there be a coda? Should we dedicate the film to them? We're open to your suggestions.

Thanks again for hanging in there with us — you won't be sorry you waited! We’d prefer not to have delays, of course, but the good news is: the extra time has allowed us to improve and expand the film’s content. There are some gems you will love to see!

Stay tuned as we release more pieces and extras. Bob Casale and Alan Myers will truly be missed and we were fortunate enough to get to know them in the film.

To help Bob Casale's family with expenses related to his death, please check-out this link:


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